I spent a wonderful month in Amsterdam as an artist in residence at the historic printshop Amsterdam Grafiche Atelier were I had the opportunity to dive into an intensive month of work in various printmaking techniques (etching, silk-screen, lithography, risograph) and working on a couple of different projects.


This project stems from the encounter with the curator Giovanni Pirelli and photo-journalist Tommaso Protti. Tommaso has taken and still takes several trips to the Amazon documenting the current social situation plagued by drug trafficking, deforestation, land expropriation, and immigration from Venezuela.

The idea is to transform Tommaso’s photos which are the record of his journeys and  discoveries into a journey and immersive experience for the audience; this is the reason for the transformation of photographs into objects and installations.

The conceptual framework revolves around the concepts of seriality, packaging and transmission of information. I find printmaking to be particularly well suited for such themes since they are already inherent in the practice.



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