solo show, 2015, Thomas Masters Gallery, Chicago USA mixed media on canvas

The capriciousness of human nature that looks at what it wants to see and doesn’t see at what it’s looking, so special and intriguing, could be liberating if we’d admit the fact, ceasing to fill it with rationality, justifying it with specificity and adorning it with purpose.

But we do.

I have a fascination for the manner in which we construct our reality and consider our being. I am intrigued by the mechanisms we use to validate our knowledge, to then juxtapose it to reality itself and urge us to act both decisively and with purpose.

I like to tread the line where objects and ideas bleed into one another, smearing their borders, existing beyond context, the realm where motion and stillness are indistinguishable, where paint is paint, but also a wall or a window. I ask you; what do you want to see? Are you certain that is what you were looking for? There in that realm, rationality, exactness, and purpose surrender to the beauty of the elusive complexity of being

solo show, 2015, Thomas Masters Gallery, Chicago USA | mixed media on canvas