Rest Mass

solo show, 2015, Projecto Marieta, Sao Paulo, Brasil mixed media on canvas

A longing for unity and belonging. This is what painting is about, for me.  Unity is only felt, through and thanks to, understanding. I make art as a process of understanding Being. 

Just as the various languages around the world are the expression of cultural differences aroused from a common denominator (the need to communicate), I see the multiplicity and abundance of life as the creative result of one fundamental impulse.

I’m interested in the languages and signs of Being: matter and energy, time and space, potential and accomplishment, birth and death, line and dot, growth and destruction.

I withdraw them from their original context and rearrange them on the canvas. I take the signs of Being and deliberately decontextualize them. Because things are normally defined as being part of a time sequence and by their relationship to it, painting is an effort to remove matter from time and therefore disable all contextual thinking and all differences, divisions and distances that come with it.

Constant and inevitable failure is the only result of this quest. The search for unity leads inevitably to the discovery of growing levels of complexity of what is perceived as a manifold reality. But, out of context or out of “reality”, the direct relationship between the evidence of this complexity and its actual meaning is blurred. I am then able to surrender to the feeling of being lost, accept doubt and identify with it.

I’m in search of an exceptional, unrepeatable, and un-understandable form of knowledge lead by the intuition of the inexplicable certainty of one: Love, Life, God, the Absolute; call it what you want.

text by Giovanni Perelli

solo show, 2015, Projecto Marieta, Sao Paulo, Brasil | mixed media on canvas