mixed media, 195 mt. X 3.25 mt. - Teatro Franco Parenti Milano 2016/2017

Murals commissioned by Teatro Franco Parenti in Milano in via Pier Lombardo and via Botta. The walls were executed at one year distance between one and other.

The mural in via Pier Lombardo was intended as a curatorial choice on what a street wall is.  It threads the line between intentionality and chance making it hard to understand how and why the final result was achieved. It is complete? Did an artist do it? Has it been vandalized since? Are some of the questions it may raise. By giving it back its own history through the scraping of the various layers of paint, and deliberately intervening in other areas, the wall achieves a balanced and pleasing composition between its very own elements. I wanted to exalt and shine a light on the brick-layer’s, the painter’s, the graffiti artist’s and time’s work, and use these relationships as a metaphor for understanding not only a wall but human kind.

The wall in Via Botta uses different materials to reconsider some of our interpretative categories and mental associations like the nature-life and stone-death ones. It does so by establishing unexpected visual nexuses formal elements and their conceptual counterpart. It deals with  themes of motion and stillness, air and stone, life and death, gentleness and violence, natural and artificial etc. etc.

mixed media, 195 mt. X 3.25 mt. – Teatro Franco Parenti Milano 2016/2017